UK Electric Shower Buying Guide- 5 Things to Keep in Mind



Taking a shower during the rainy or winter season can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any reliable hot water supply. With the invention of electric showers and their growing popularity, you can now take a shower at any time without waiting for the hot water. How? An electric shower is basically a self-contained component that heats and pumps the water. All you have to do is hook it up to the water supply and it would take care of the rest. Here are five important things to keep in mind before purchasing the right electric shower:

  • Water Pressure

This is the first and most important thing you should consider when buying an electric shower. This is because the electric shower is connected to the water supply. A high water pressure system means that you would get a lot of hot water. Although having a low water pressure system is also ideal for electric showers, connecting an electric shower to a high water pressure system is much easier. You should find out the level of water pressure in your home before choosing an electric shower.  

  • Efficiency

The main point of getting an electric shower is to enjoy a readily supply of hot water, and so you would need to consider an electric shower that can provide water at the required temperature no matter the weather. This is a sign that the shower is efficient. You should look out for an electric shower that allows you to pick the temperature of water that you need and one that can quickly change from one temperature to another when you want it to. Make sure that the electric shower you want to purchase has this brand.

You should also check out the flow rate of the electric shower that you want to buy. A typical 12.5KW shower can supply an average of 6.0 liters ever minutes, 9.8KW would give you 4.7 liters and 7.5KW would supply 3.5 liters. You should consider how much water you use daily before purchasing an electric shower. If you have a large family, then the 12.5KW shower is advisable.

Another important part of efficiency is energy efficiency. An electric shower, from the name, makes use of electricity and so you should look out for one that saves energy.

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  • Installation

It can be frustrating to spend money both on purchase and on the installation of the electric shower, which is why you should look out for an electric shower that is easy to install and that fit into your bathroom easily. There’s no point in purchasing an electric shower that has a very big shower head when you have a small bathroom. The shower head should provide convenience in the bathroom, allowing you to move around freely and it should be a perfect fit for your plumbing system.

You should also consider getting an electric shower that is easy to operate, especially if you have children who are old enough to use the shower without adult supervision.

  • Long-lasting

A durable electric shower provides convenience and peace of mind. It is better to purchase a strong and long-lasting electric shower, instead of one that would require frequent repairs and go through a series of electrical fault. You should look out for those with positive reviews, and those with attractive warranties and guarantees by the manufacturer. If you use and maintain a durable electric shower properly, you can end up using it for about ten years without having to replace it. You should also make sure that the electric shower can withstand heat, that is, it should be made of a strong material like stainless steel. It should also be resistant to rust and corrosion.

  • Brand and Price

You should consider the brand of the electric shower that you want to purchase. It is better to go with a brand that has a lot of positive reviews and provides a lot of benefits like long warrantees. Apart from the brand, you should also consider your budget, but remember that you should not sacrifice cheapness for quality. You should read this guide on choosing an electric shower for your bathroom to find out the electric showers from the best brands with affordable prices.

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