Senate to address new marijuana problem in Michigan

LANSING — State Sens. Rick Jones and Tonya Schuitmaker announced today that legislation is being drafted to stop out-of-state marijuana growers.

The Michigan State Police have reported problems with out-of-state people renting homes, using the rental receipt to get a Michigan driver’s license, and then obtaining a Michigan marijuana card.

These individuals then start grow operations in the rental homes and return to the border state – only to come back once a week to tend their crop. After harvest, the crop is sold back in the border states. By operating this way, they are insulated from arrest while manufacturing their drugs. A typical example would be people from Illinois growing in Michigan to sell in Chicago.

“Agriculture is the rising star of Michigan, but this is not the type of farmer we need,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “People growing marijuana for sale as dope in Chicago can present a danger to Michigan residents.”

Schuitmaker, R-Lawton, added, “These out-of-state grow operations do not fulfill the obligation to either the Michigan voters or to our patients with debilitating conditions such as cancer. Our intent is to provide parameters for those who are abusing the system.”

Schuitmaker and Jones are drafting legislation to require at least a one-year residency before obtaining a Michigan marijuana card.