Senate passes supplemental spending bill that includes $100 million for road maintenance

LANSING—Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker announced that additional road funding is included in a supplemental appropriations bill passed by the Senate last week. 

Of the $100 million for roads included in the bill, which still needs the approval of the House of Representatives, Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties would receive approximately $1.9 million for local projects. 

“This winter has been exceptionally harsh and our roads have taken a beating. As some of the ice has started to thaw, we have been left with a mess of potholes,” said Schuitmaker, R-Lawton. “This money will help address some of the most pressing maintenance needs.”

Kalamazoo County would receive $838,000 with an additional $594,000 split between cities, townships and villages. Van Buren County would receive $377,000 with an additional $109,000 going to local municipalities.

The funding is designated for special winter road maintenance, which includes snow and ice removal, pot hole patching, crack sealing, emergency repairs and bridge maintenance. This one-time funding cannot be used on capital projects like reconstruction or resurfacing.

“As the Legislature continues working toward a long-term funding solution, we need to direct the resources we have available to fix the worst problems,” Schuitmaker said.

Approximately 40 percent of the money would be allocated to state trunkline funds with the remaining 60 percent distributed to counties, cities and villages. Funding would be allocated to counties, cities and villages according to the same formula used to distribute funding from the Michigan Transportation Fund.

The supplemental appropriations bill, Senate Bill 608, passed the Senate and is now awaiting action in the Michigan House Appropriations Committee.