Sen. Schuitmaker agrees lottery winner should not receive food stamps


Sen. Schuitmaker agrees lottery winner should not receive food stamps

Lansing— State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, R-Lawton, learned yesterday that another Michigan resident was receiving food stamps after having won the lottery.

“It is amazing the culture of entitlement,” said Schuitmaker. “Michigan continues to improve in the areas of unemployment and job creation but for this progress to continue everyone must do their part.  Food assistance is meant as a safety net for families in need.  Million dollar lottery winners receiving food assistance is nothing more than fraudulent.”

Senate Bills 711 and 712 require that the name and other information of anyone who wins more than $1,000 to be passed along to various state agencies by the Michigan Lottery Bureau.

Senate Bill 711 requires the Michigan Lottery Bureau to notify Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) within 7 days of paying a prize of $1,000 or more of the name of the recipient.

Senate Bill 712 requires amends the Social Welfare Act (PA 280 of 1939) to require that DHS apply an asset test of $5,000 in countable assets for the purposes of determining financial eligibility for food assistance.

SBs 711 and 712 passed the Senate on March 1.

“I proudly supported these bills last week and will be doing what I can to make sure this issue is laid to rest when the Governor signs these measures,”  I encourage my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to make sure that food stamps go to those individuals who truly need them and not to lottery winners”