Why High Water Pressure isn’t always a Good Thing

Why High Water Pressure isn’t always a Good Thing


While high water pressure may make your experience in the shower wonderful and interesting it can do more harm than good to your homes’ water plumbing system. High water pressure in home could also potentially damage some of your water appliances and therefore much care needs to be taken. The high water pressure coming into your house may also increase your water bill exponentially. Fortunately, there is a way that you can deal with high water pressure coming into your house by installing a pressure regulator.

Why High Water Pressure isn’t always a Good Thing

How can you know that the water pressure is high?

The high water pressure coming into your house can easily be identified just be simple observation. You are likely to see the pressure of water flowing via your faucets to be extremely higher than normal. The other way that you could determine if the water pressure coming into your house is high is by using a pressure gauge. This can be connected onto the inlet pipe of your house just near where your water meter is located. Check out if the PSI of the water is beyond 80 psi on the pressure gauge and you will know for sure that the pressure is high. Because the pressure usually fluctuates at various times, it is, therefore, a good idea to take the readings at various time intervals in order to get a more accurate result.

What are the consequences of high water pressure in your home?

High water pressure usually puts much stress on the water pipes and therefore the most common effect is that it will cause leaks on the pipes. Some leaks might be tiny for you to easily notice but when they occur high above your ceiling, for instance, the damage there can be massive. When there is inconsistent water pressure, the water appliances connected on your houses’ plumbing could also be damaged. All these will only lead you to incur your precious investments in your house.

The common causes of high water pressure in certain homes

High water pressure could be because the local water supply company is keeping the pressure high in order to meet the needs of tall buildings they are supplying water to. If you live at a place that is located downhill chances will be that water will be forced by gravity and cause high pressure in your house. The cause of high water pressure could be thermal expansion at your house because the water volume usually changes due to the heating occasioned by your water heater.

What you can do to remedy the situation

If your house experiences occasional water pressure increases it may be a good idea to have a pressure regulator installed on your mains water supply. The regulator works by reducing the water pressure that comes into your house thus keeping the pressure normal. A pressure regulator will help save you the headache of having to pay higher water bills and also save your water plumbing system as well as the appliances connected to it.

Avoid Mistakes while Designing a Living Room


The living room is central and reflection of our personality. It is usually different from the family room but is a cozy, comfy and relaxing space for our families. However, if you have two living spaces and wish to recreate them in different categories i.e. formal and informal, there are few mistakes that you have to avoid while decorating your living room.

  • Making TV a Focal Point: Homeowners often prefer keeping a TV in the living room and trust me you don’t need a television in your living space. If you still want to keep a TV make sure furniture’s doesn’t revolve around. This actually steals the relaxing space of your area.
  • Shallow couches: When you want to keep it formal first thing in mind is a shallow couch which depicts a no relaxing space. This was the past trend opt for deeper and comfy couches so that you can have a coffee and a book to pamper your day.
  • Furniture against Wall: Look your furniture is also touching the wall isn’t it? Keeps it floating for intimate space? Pull it away from walls and keep it in sync this will oomph your space and will maintain a healthy and hearty environment.
  • Overlooking Soft Lightning: Make sure you have table lamps plugs and floor plugs, thank me later. These are worth adding and skip cables and leads that make the room look shabby. Soft lighting adds softness and elegance to the room ambiance.
  • A fireplace without Need: These are excellent focal points without a doubt but don’t try to fit in where it is not needed. The natural flame is unbeatable however electric fireplaces are also decent. If you want a statement piece and amalgamation of artwork natural one is better option still new electric fireplace variants are also commendable.
  • Hanging Scenery or Art too high: This is a common error that turns the mood off.  Art should be positioned at eye level so that it could be noticed and explored. Test the positioning until it sits right.
  • Skipping Occasional Seating’s: Poufs are affordable and stylish. As the living room in place of entertainment and talks, you should always look for comfort and intimacy.
  • Wrong Rug Size: Rug is excellent in warming up the room but if it is wrongly sized it can take up the warmth too. This depends on square foot space of the room but easily you can calculate size by keeping a thumb rule in mind i.e. it should be placed at two feet of your floating couch. Always look at the living room and stuffs it should be symmetrical.
  • Overloading Open Shelves: Shelves affix character to the room but overdoing anything is bad. It looks cluttered and clingy. Hence fill shelves with strategic symmetric objects that look good together. Choose favorite pieces and keep them at distance as per synchronization.

Hope you got our questions cleared. Don’t forget to tell us what your favorite was. Have a good day!